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Jun 02, 2013· I have essentially the same machine from Central Machine It was a gift from someone for whom I did a favor, along with a lot of tooling I think the bed is a little longer than your lathe, but that is the only difference that I can see

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Sep 19, 2009· Board index The Home Machinist! 3-in-1 Metalworking Machines Pictures of Craftex B2229 This forum is dedicated to those hobbyists with the 3-in-1 metalworking machin

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I own a craftex B2229 3 in 1 machine first off I wuoldn't recomend a 3 in 1 unless space is at a extreme premium in your shop I bought the 3 in 1 thinking that it was a great deal " you get 3 machines for the price of 1" the money would have been better spent on a better lathe

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I have been shopping at Craftex for many years and have spent a small fortune there Yesterday I went to exchange some unopened ribbon and unopened ornaments because I purchased red ,

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Mar 23, 2010· well, you may get specific advice from some folks in your area, but from my perspective, neither of these will be suitable for what you want - the

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Craftex Tools Busy Bee Tools is proud to offer Craftex tools, our own in-house brand of quality woodworking and metalworking implements and machinery Having an exclusive brand allows us to sell directly from our factory to the buyer, giving you top quality band saws, table saws and lathes for more competitive prices than other brands

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Yes that would have been good Took me a while to find it in the catalog It's a 16X20 combination lathe/mill for $2250 CND For a few bucks more you could buy separate machin

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DO NOT operate the machinery while under the influence of alcohol or drugs This applies to ALL machinery NEVER leave the key in the chuck Never Not even for one second Never never never Do not pick up chips unless you are absolutely certain they have cooled Once they have cooled, let them cool some more Even then, it is better to simply push them off with a brush or pick up the .